In 2011, following a roughly two year planning process, the Town of Chatham submitted a Project Initiation Form (PIF) to MassDOT for the improvement of a portion of Route 28 between the intersections of Main Street/Barnhill Road and Main Street/George Ryder Road. This proposed concept is consistent with the goals of the Town's Comprehensive Plan.

The concept proposed includes consideration of the following elements:

The concept outlined in the Town’s PIF serves as the starting point for the current design effort, however the concept is not a buildable design.  This project will address the significant work that remains to be done to develop a workable design for Route 28 in West Chatham including crash analysis, new traffic counts at Route 28/George Ryder Road and Route 28/Barnhill Road and all of the driveways in between, in addition to continued input from the community.  From the data, the Town’s consultant team will be able to determine what elements identified in the PIF are appropriate to the area and which need to be changed or replaced in their entirety.  Such changes are a normal part of the design process and the Town and Board of Selectmen will welcome amendments to the PIF concept warranted by the results of data collection and the requirements of providing a safe environment for all users of the roadway. Doing so effectively requires the input of Chatham's residents, business owners, advocacy groups, elected leaders and others and we urge you to participate in this process. We recognize that as a buildable project grows from the concept design through 25%, 75% and ultimately to 100% design, changes may be required and we welcome your input so that the project that is built is done with the community and not just for it.

Public Involvement

The Town and its project team are committed to open, effective public involvement as part of the Route 28 West Chatham Roadway Design Project. Our outreach effort will progress along two parallel, but mutually supporting tracks: face-to-face and digital. This project website serves as the cornerstone of our electronic public involvement effort. As the work continues, we will expand the amount of information available here, making the results of studies and materials prepared for public information meetings available through the project documents page. This will allow members of the community for whom traditional public information present a challenge, such as parents of young children or senior citizens, to follow the project's progress and comment on it in an informed manner. We also invite you to contact our public involvement specialist. Your email comment or inquiry, as well as any made by telephone or postal mail, will be answered promptly. We also invite you to join our stakeholder database. Joining will allow you to receive email alerts regarding upcoming meetings or when new information is added to the project website. This project will also include a strong face-to-face outreach component comprised of public information meetings, office hours and briefings for state and local officials. The results of these meetings and materials prepared to support them will be made available through this website. For more information on the public involvement process, please see our public involvement plan.

Two Projects

The Route 28 corridor through Chatham is currently the topic of two significant planning and design efforts. This website and the project it represents, addresses The West Chatham Roadway Design Project. It is located in West Chatham between George Ryder Road and Barnhill Road. The Chatham Route 28 Corridor Visioning Project is a separate but coordinated project being undertaken by the Cape Cod Commission (CCC) and the Town of Chatham. The Visioning Project addresses land use and street scape along Route 28, but not issues of roadway design and traffic operation, from the Harwich/Chatham Town Line to Crowell Road. For anyone interested in more information about the Visioning Project, please visit the CCC's Project Page.
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